* Ch. Bowie *


Ch. Clockpelters Dexter x Rockin' Rebels Best Song Ever
Breeder: Jacqueline Plat


MRI scan - 10/11/2017 - CM 2C SM 0C
MRI scan - 06-03-2020 - CM 2B SM 1B
Heart Doppler - 12/07/2018 - A
Heart Auscultation dr Mandigers- 28-05-2021 - clear

Heart Auscultation dr Mandigers- 17-06-2022 - clear

Eyes ECVO - clear

Patella Luxatie - clear
DNA Curly Coat / Dry Eye - clear
DNA Episodic Falling - carrier


Wiebe staat voor passende teefjes ter dekking
Wiebe is availeble at stud

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